Laurent METRAL

President of Audencia

Christophe GERMAIN

Dean of Audencia


A school with international standing, its positive growth trajectory firmly established, Audencia delivers excellence in teaching that transmits strong values of respect and goodwill. What makes it different – daring – is evidenced by its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and the hybridisation of its students’ skills.


Audencia strives to harness social and environmental responsibility to boost innovation and economic performance. This commitment is spread across all disciplines, so that it becomes embedded in teaching programmes, campus life, and partnerships to the fullest possible extent. CSR is a choice, a reality. It is intrinsic to our daily lives.

In 2018, the Foundation continued to support the School’s development, as it has done since 2009, thanks to the generosity of companies, alumni, and friends. From research chairs to funding for bursaries to projects like the “Learning Expedition”, these initiatives – which certainly aren’t lacking in daring or spirit! – are made possible through donations.